Pitbull and Bud Light: A Horror Show in 9 Screencaps

A well-known principle of mathematics tells us that a negative quantity multiplied by another negative quantity results in a positive quantity. When applied to advertising, however, the principle proves slightly more complicated. Take for example the relationship between "rapper" Pitbull and "beer" product Bud Light, which recently yielded a TV commercial of such grave, aggressive inauthenticity that one can only wince for all involved — even for Pitbull himself, behind whose sunglasses, if you look carefully, you can make out the gleam of plump, bulb-like tears. But repeated viewings and forensic breakdowns of the spot actually transmute the quantities, giving us marvelous new insight into their stupidity.

The ending is practically performance art:


What is really happening here?

"There’s no ‘I’ in threesome, ladies. Keep drinking."

"This is the most fun I’ve ever had at a place that ran out of Corona!"

"Which body of water is that? No, not the one in your hand."

"OMG! You hiccuped! So did I!"

"So many STDs, so little time."

"My dress is darker than this beer."

"Pools are for peeing."

"I am Pitbull. I am God’s straw."

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