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Year Two at Sacramento State: It’s On

I'm the tall guy in the back.

I’m excited to get back to Sacramento State, where my second year as the faculty adviser for The State Hornet student news publication commences in less than a week. Technically, my job title is "Professional Journalist in Residence"—a pretty good title, as far as titles go. (Journalist rule of thumb: Job titles besides "owner" or "editor" mean nothing to anybody but those distributing the business cards.) I’m excited to get going with this and everything else the next five months promises, which is… a lot.
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Greetings From Sactown

Richard Rodriguez Sactown Magazine

So it happened: After a year of back-and-forth between the East and West Coasts, I returned permanently to Sacramento at the end of summer. On Sept. 3, I began a new job as Senior Editor at Sactown Magazine, a great regional bimonthly to which I first contributed earlier this year. The timing couldn’t be better for all involved, and I’m stoked to be back home working with my new colleagues.

My first feature story for the magazine arrived on newsstands this weekend: a profile of the essayist and author (and Sacramento native) Richard Rodriguez. I really like this story (see above) and think you will, too; Richard is a fascinating guy, and Sactown is doing great work from cover-to-cover. I’ll get the link here as soon as the story is available online. If you’re in or around Northern California, shoot me a line and I’ll let you know where you might find the new issue near you.

Episode IV: A New Home

I’ve been meaning to get to this for, oh, seven years: Welcome to Bookmark, send housewares, etc. More to come soon!